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"Our Signature Pedicure"

Begins with a 10 minute herbal soak that delicately softens the skin and rinses away impurities, followed by an exotic peel exfoliation,

next your feet are soothed with a sole soothing hydration mask and finally a light moisturizing massage that makes you wish you never had to leave! 45 Minutes $25




"A taste of Paradise"

Short on time or just need a quick refresh?

Speed through this pedicure with nail beautification, foot exfoliation, light massage with your custom choice of moisturizer. Whoosh! 20 Minutes $18



" A little Princess in Paradise"

Young girls feel like a princess when they dip their royal toes into a petal soak.

This pedicure offers a princess crown she will take home, a sugar scrub and fun shimmer lotion that will make our highness pleased! For Children 12 & under $15





"A prince in shining amor"

Young boys will rule the salon as they dip their royal feet in a soothing soak.

This pedicure offers a prince crown he will take home, a salt scrub and chocolate moisturizer that will make his highness pleased! For Gentlemen 12 & under $15



 "The MAN-icure"

Created just for men who want to experience the ultimate in relaxation!

First you will unwind in a tea tree soak, receive a callus soothing treatment followed by a peppermint salt scrub and a soothing oil massage. 45 minutes $30


"Island Spa Pedicure"

On this island your toes will bathe as they relish in a herbal soak with fresh slices of lemon followed by an citrus exfoliation and cucumber masque as you recline with a warm towel wrap. 45 minutes $35



 "Mojoito Pedicure"

This delightful pedicure will have your feet tingling while your mouth is mingling! The aromas of fresh mints and peppermint essential oils will awaken your senses.

Our minty scrub preps your tootsies for the invigorating cooling treatment from the creamy mink mask as your feet are wrapped in tropical heat.

A delicious paraffin treatment and massage will tart off your weekend in Miami mood! 60 Minutes $45


"The Mommy-to-be Pedicure"

An essential oil pedicure with fresh slices of oranges and lemon that help relieve swollen ankles and feet.Then to aid in circulation and give you an energy boost a cooling masque is applied and warm towels perform magic.

A blissful smoothing lotion followed by a cooling gel senses and renews your spirits as you anticipate your new joy! 45 minutes $40



"Medical Pedicure"

This service is offered to Diabetic and Cardiac patients that want to experience relaxation and improve the appearance of their feet with the ease of knowing their pedicurist is certified in medical pedicures.

No soaking is performed for this service to reduce the risk of edema! Massage therapy is specialized to client physical condition and a private foot consultation is performed before rendering service. 60 minutes $40







"Hydro Stone Pedicure"

Rest your feet in a basin of warm stones and water, followed by a intense sea salt foot & leg exfoliation and pampered with a cooling mask.

Luxuriate as we provide a relaxing massage using warm stone and blended house oils. 60 minutes $55



"A stiletto pedicure"

Tired, trampled Diva feet will relax in a lavender soak, infused with a house blend soothing oils followed by an invigorating pomegranate scrub and an intense relieving massage that will calm your nerves will soothing your soul. 60 Minutes $50



"Coconut Milk Pedicure"

Submerge into a moisturizing bath of soothing warm coconut milk. After your feet are perfectly pedicured, a luxurious experience awaits…

A toasted coconut sugar scrub will gently exfoliate your legs as a pitcher of enriched milk is poured down from the knees to wash away dry flaky skin, hydrating and restoring the skin's elasticity.

Enjoy a heavenly coconut creme foot and warm paraffin treatment. This pedicure is bound to leave your feet silky smooth! 1 Hour 20 minutes $65



"A Sangria Sunset Pedicure"

Need a drink for you feet? Sit back and relax while your feet are pampered in a cabernet, grape seed oil & fresh grapes. Ready-set…STOMP!

The fruit acids will dissolve unwanted dead skin cells while the antioxidants and vitamins fight off free radicals. Your legs will enjoy a lavish scrub and fresh grapes.

Topped with a paraffin treatment and deep massage. SALUTE! 1 Hour 20 minutes $65

"Hot Butter Rum" 

Enjoy a 10 Minute Hot stone blended oil soak followed by a Brown Sugar Rum  stone scrub, then dip your feet into vanilla parrafin and topped off with a warm oil massage! 60 minutes $60









Mimosa Saturday Mornings

Early Bird Risers can enjoy complimentary mimosa with their service from opening to noon on saturday Mornings!

 Waxing Services

Eyebrow $10

Lip Wax $5

Chin wax $5

Sideburns $10

Underarm $15

Leg Wax $45

Back wax $55

Chest Wax $50

Brazilian $50

Bikini $20

Tanning Services

I month unlimited tanning $49

1 week unlimited $29

3 Tans $20

160 minutes of tanning $99

Massage Therapy

1hour $75

Deep Tissue $85

Hot Stone $120

Facials Services

Facial Massage $30

Express Facial $25

Express Facial & Massage $40

Spa Party for 5 People includes: Manicure, Island Pedicure and Champagne for $150

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